2021 Done and Dusted

2021 has been another year at the College that has been characterised by contribution and service by its students. During the year our boys have involved themselves unselfishly in the whole life of the College and committed themselves to a myriad of activities including service projects, aspects of school reformation, co-curricular participation, leadership portfolios, fund raising, goal setting, individual betterment and whole of school change strategies. Eddies PRIDE was evident.

The College refreshed aspects of its wellbeing delivery during the school year. Trends and issues arrived that challenged the College – more often than not being unacceptable in regard to our charism and standards. Difficult conversations were sometimes had, and, sometimes involved decisions that would not be the first choice of all. Nearly always great progress was made in terms of working together with families, individuals and external agencies. Challenges remain. Relationships will also remain central to frameworks of exploring solutions. Our approach to the wellbeing of others always attempts to remain genuine to the values of the Gospel and its significance in everyday life.

At the same time, a caring and vigilant staff have ensured the continuity and enhancement of the fabric that is “Eddies”. I especially praise the College Heads of House and their service to our boys and families – always both relentless and authentic. 2021 saw some changes introduced to the timing of Tutor group, the enhancement of the Formation Program and a resetting of the concepts and values being expressed in the actualising of “Eddies Pride”. Year 12 were instrumental is setting both good example and strong influence on the overall positive direction of the student cohort. Our 4 College Captains – Baden Godfrey, Jack Hodges, Max Page and Eden Mordike were all responsible and unwavering in the execution of their roles and ensuring that Year 12 2021 left their mark in the annals of St Edmund’s history in meaningful and progressive ways.

To finish 2021 I quote from John O’Donohue’s work entitled To Bless the Space between Us entitled “For A Leader”. Some of the following words are both reflective coming in to Christmas but also both engaging and challenging –

  • May you act not from arrogance but out of service
  • May you never put yourself in the centre of things
  • May you learn to cultivate the art of presence
  • May you know the wisdom of deep listening
  • May you know the decorum of held dignity
  • When someone fails or disappoints you, may the graciousness with which you engage be their stairway to renewal and refinement.

Pat Langtry
Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing