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Learning Support

Junior School

The Teaching & Learning Support Department identify and support students with special needs throughout our Junior School. Personnel from the Department work with classroom teachers to ensure that there is comprehensive information on the students’ learning potential and any necessary support needs. A centralised database ensures that information on students’ learning is accessible for teachers to access each year.

First Term testing is focused around the areas of literacy and numeracy in order to ensure that teachers are aware of the need for adapted, extended tasks or differentiated curriculum. During Terms Two and Three, where need is evident, there may be some short term intensive intervention programs implemented in consultation with the classroom teacher. Teaching and Learning Support personnel work with classroom teachers, generally within the class, to ensure that learning and social goals are being met for students with disabilities.

Senior School

The Teaching and Learning Support Department supports the teaching and learning programmes of the College by collaborating with teachers and students understanding that there are a diverse range of needs and ability levels within the College.

Our connection is by:

  • Identification and assessment of students with special and/or additional needs.
  • Working with teachers to support a creative program of adaptation where necessary and to understand the learning needs of specific students.
  • Creating opportunities for students, in collaboration with teachers ,to complete extension work in areas of strength.
  • A programme of learning support for students with Aboriginality.
  • Implementing special consideration for examinations and assessment tasks to ensure equity of access to the curriculum.
  • A Learning Support Area where students are able to access assistance for the completion of assignments where the need has been identified by the teacher, the family or the student himself.
  • Empowering the student to increase planning, research and study skills.
  • Reviewing best practice regarding the strategies used to engage the students in their own learning.

At St Edmund’s, our focus is on inclusive schooling where all students regardless of their ability, are able to access educational support and where students are challenged to reach their individual potential.