Autumn- our world changes

Canberra is especially beautiful in autumn, the city’s exotic trees become a kaleidoscope of colours from gold, ochre, russet to crimson. Autumn is a reminder that our world is constantly changing. It is a time of passage from the warmth and long light evenings of summer to the dark and cold of winter. Whilst some people see this as the loss of summer others look forward to what winter will bring. We know that autumn will end and winter will be with us and that can be challenging. The passing of the seasons is very evident in Canberra and we know that each season has it’s own experiences and things to enjoy. Just as in life although there are hardships and challenges sent to test us there is also beauty and joy to be found if we look for it. The passing of the seasons teach us about change and that change can bring new possibilities.

Sometimes children and young people find change difficult and need help in understanding that change is part of the experience of life. Help boost your child’s confidence and self esteem by talking with them about the changes they are experiencing in their lives.

Linda James
College Counsellor