Be You and St Edmund’s College - Community Surveys and Data Collection

Be You and St Edmund’s College – Community Surveys and Data Collection

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In term 1 and Term 4, the College would like to facilitate and invite all students and parents to participate in a Be You survey.  Since 2019, St Edmund’s College has been a registered Be You school, meaning that we work in collaboration with various government organisations to look at how we can better support the wellbeing of our staff and students in our community.

The survey will ideally be completed by all students from Year 7 –Year 12 at school via an online, anonymous survey. It will aim to measure student’s individual sense of wellbeing and mental health, and also how they perceive the level of support provided to them to improve wellbeing within our community. It will also measure other aspects of the College climate and culture and help us identify areas of strength and areas we can aim to improve in.

The data from the survey in Term 1, will be measured against the data collected from the survey in Term 4 so we can more accurately try and determine the impact that our explicit Personal Formation Program is having on our student’s wellbeing and positive mental health.

Students will be able to access the survey during an extended tutor group session, with the support of their tutor teacher; however, you are encouraged to discuss the student’s responses to taking the survey at home.

A link will be provided for parents and guardians to also participate in an online, anonymous survey, so that we can gather valuable information from you about wellbeing and mental health in our community. Please feel free to use the following link to commence your survey. Please try and have this survey completed by 1 April 2020.

If you do not wish for your son to participate in the online survey, please contact your students Head of House before Friday 13 March 2020.

Thank you in advance for your families’ participation in this process and allowing us to gather invaluable information that will allow us to continually strive to improve the quality of care and support we can offer our students.

If you would like further information about Be You or the surveys, please activate the following link.

Leanne Gair