BSSS Update for Senior Students

Dear parents and carers of senior students,

The BSSS has added further information and clarification to the website for Students/Parents and Carers regarding assessment. It can be accessed here and is also attached.

In addition, a further question and answer has been included in the FAQ for Students/Parents and Carers. The new Q and A is below for your information. The full document can be accessed here and is also attached.

Q10: What should a student who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on the days of the AST do? Will they still receive a Tertiary Entrance Statement and ATAR?
A: The conduct of the test will be consistent with health advice and guidelines at the time.

As always if a student is unwell, they should seek medical advice, and if experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms should be tested. Absence from one or more of the test components would require appropriate and verifiable Medical documentation.

The BSSS has processes to enable scaling if individual students within a school cohort meet all other requirements for a Tertiary Entrance Statement (TES) but cannot sit an ACT Scaling Test (AST) due to illness or misadventure. These students would still receive an ATAR.

We hope you are staying safe and well during this difficult time, as always the College is here to support our students in any way that we can.

Kindest regards,
The Teaching and Learning Office