Captain's Corner

Captain’s Corner

A Visit from Burn Bright

On Tuesday, the 5th of March the Year 12 house captains and school leaders gave up gave up their moderation day to travel to Marist College and engage in a program run by Burn Bright. The program was attended by many other colleges across Canberra including Marist itself. The day was designed to inspire the college leaders in aim to become better influencers across their schools. The day required the boys to get involved in many hands-on activities, including opportunities to partner up with students from other schools. The program was split into three different sessions with a recess and lunch break in between.

The first session consisted of a few ice breaking activities. One of them required us to split away from our mates and interact with leaders from other schools. We were seated in front of a partner and given a topic to discuss for 60 seconds. After the time we would then find a new partner and do the same again. The activities in this session gave everyone a chance to meet some new people and discover a few of their interests. By the second session everyone had settled down and was feeling a bit more comfortable around each other. In this period we were asked to form groups of 6 and brainstorm what we thought to be the number one value of a good leader and why. We did a few more interactive activities throughout this period, although most of the time we were listening to the members of the Burn Bright organisation. In the third session we were asked to split up into our schools and design a 30 second skit that demonstrated our values. We came up with the idea to display the diversity within the college, but we were struggling to find a way to express it. Some quick thinking from Ishe Chitsungo and James Olney (Haydon house service captain and O’Brien house captain) would help us to display these ideas. We performed the skit in front of the other schools and in result, we were commended with a standing ovation.

Based on the positive feedback from a lot of the boys It’s safe to say that we all got a lot out of the program. Burn Bright has sparked some ideas about what The Class of 2019 wants to bring to the school this year. On behalf of all the students who attended the day, I would like to say a thank you to the Burn Bright organisation who ran the program, and to Mr MacArthur who was the teacher present.

Mason Evans