Captain’s Corner

To the Parents, Students, and Members of our Community,

Term 3 is coming to an end, and many of the boy’s co-curricular seasons have successfully concluded. Although the term is nearing its end, there are still a lot of significant days left to come.

On the 6th and 7th of September, Year 12 tertiary students completed their AST tests. We commend Mr Holmes, Mr Metcalfe, and Ms Rose as they have done a wonderful job in preparing us for these two big days, as well as Mr Brady’s morning AST prep sessions.

The college musical Little Shop of Horrors premiered last Thursday, the 8th of September, and was filled with numerous supporters from a wide variety of the community. We would all like to express our sincere appreciation to the cast of Eddies, Merici, and Girls Grammar for their diligent work in presenting this musical. Not to mention the wonderful staff, Mr. Palfreman and Mrs. Thomas, without whose outstanding direction there would be no show.

In addition to the opening night for the Musical the college also strongly acknowledged R U Ok Day. In order to encourage people to have challenging conversations with one another about difficult periods in their lives, R U Ok Day was founded to keep connected with others and prevent harm. The initiative seeks to provide the skills and confidence people need to engage in meaningful conversations with people who may be experiencing mental health issues.  On Thursday morning the student leaders of the college were standing at the entrances of the school, handing out lollies to boys, as well as checking in with them.

All winter co-curriculars officially end at the beginning of Week 9, with several presentations taking place in the evening. I want to congratulate all boys who participated in co-curricular activities as the college was able to produce a substantial number of grand final champions across all sports. I wish the best of luck to the current Year 12 students, their years of representing the school in sport have sadly come to an end.

Liam Spence
Rice House Captain