Captains Corner – A return to normality

The challenges of online learning are finally coming to an end with the gradual return of students occurring over the last week. Last Thursday, the senior students of the College returned to their classes and were thrilled to catch up with their mates and teachers after the isolation period. Despite the elation that came from reuniting with our peers, the cohort understands that they are leaders within the College and must demonstrate exemplary hygiene management and social distancing protocol as an example for the younger students as they return. The first days back for the boys were largely successful and everyone benefitted from the familiarity and normality that accompanies the return to the classroom.

This week we welcome back the Junior School to their regular classes and I am sure that they are excited to see everyone once more. The College has been lacking the usual buzz in the corridors this term and it is fantastic to have seen glimpses of that over the last week. One of our Year 4 boys said that he’s “happy to be back at school but misses wearing his ugg boots.”

It is important that we recognise that we are able to safely return to the College because of our commitment in upholding social distancing requirements. Being united as a community is the reward for this behaviour. This commitment cannot be forgotten or ignored within the school grounds either, for our own safety. The teachers and senior students have been exposed to the new classroom procedures and will aid the younger students as they return to the College.

I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Patrick McFarlane
College Vice Captain

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