Captains Corner – Academic and Sporting Success

To the students, parents and members of our wider community.

When sitting down to write this week’s edition of the captain’s corner, to my own surprise, I realised that we were already half through the third term of the year. I ultimately responded to this with a feeling of sadness and disappointment. For majority of our Year 12 students, I am certain that they would have had a similar response if told this. It feels like just yesterday, we settled in for our last ever first day. Now 7 months later, we are quickly approaching the finish line of what is the end of our schooling journey. I would like to encourage our Year 12 cohort to not only enjoy what we have left of school but to continue building the comradery which we have formed over the past 8 years together at school.

The next few weeks at school are of particular significance. We have our Year 12s sitting their ACT Scaling Tests (AST) in just under 2 weeks. Our co-curriculars are now in full swing and teams should be hitting their full potential after a number of rounds to develop their skills and chemistry. Many assessments will be due within the coming weeks and many more will be handed out. And finally, our applications for the 2021 college leaders are being processed. After going through this exact same process last year, the only words of wisdom that I could give to all the boys involved, is to be yourself. If you are passionate about something, make sure you are vocal about it and always make sure you have the school’s best interests at heart. Carry yourself around with a sense of confidence and never forget what that crest means to thousands of past and present students.

On Friday last week, we were finally able to hold a full school assembly. Not only was it great for the entire school to be together again, but it was great to see the boys walking in shoulder to shoulder with their ties done up, shirts tucked in (of course with the exception of a few) and a smile on their faces. It was also great to sing the college anthem which had not been sung for some time. During the assembly we acknowledged the achievements of both academics and co-curriculars throughout the school. I would like to congratulate all of the boys who were recipients of a Gold Award. These awards signify absolute excellence in all of their classes in terms of both effort grade and actual grade. The list of boys who received an award is included in the article written by Mr Argall.

Congratulations to those boys. Stay motivated to achieve the same feat for Semester 2. To everyone that missed out on a gold award, work hard and use it as motivation. Also, a huge congratulations to our co-curricular first’s teams. Unfortunately, the first XV (rugby) was not presented due a number of the boys being absent. Luckily though, the entire first V (basketball) team was present on the day and the boys were awarded their singlets. The first V includes the following boys:

  • Corey Davis ©
  • Ryan Hoare
  • Max Fitzgerald
  • Tom Tracy
  • Sam Gibson
  • Ethan Papp
  • Connor Sandeman
  • Doug Campbell
  • Adam Viali

Although the first XV were not presented with their white jerseys on the day, I would still like to recognise them in the form of the vortex. The first XV includes the following:

  • Lewis Buckman
  • Corey Davis
  • Sam Gibson
  • Josh Davis
  • Andre Lopilato
  • Baden Godfrey
  • Kai Bower
  • Clay Webb
  • Tom Lachlan
  • Ryan Hoare
  • Lachlan Davis
  • Daniel Shaw ©
  • Kye Pearson
  • Jonty Godfrey
  • Junior Tupou

A huge congratulations to the boys involved in both these teams. To be selected in these teams, it takes years of practice and commitment, don’t treat it lightly and be proud of it. Also, to the coaches who have put in hours of work ensuring the boys have the best possible chance at being successful. For basketball, this is Mr Mead, the current Head of Mathematics and for rugby, Mr Roberts, a Junior School teacher. The first V have begun the season quite well. They have won 3 of 5 and have only lost in games with a tight score line. The first XV has also begun the year very well. They have won 4 for 4. This includes games against our main rivals Daramalan, Grammar and Marist. We wish both teams the best of luck for the rest of their respective seasons.

As you can tell, the college is busy in all facets of life, whether its inside or outside of the classrooms. I wish everyone good luck with their assessments and co-curricular activities for the coming weeks and months. Have a happy and safe week.

Sam Gibson
College Captain

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