Captains Corner - Back into the swing of things!

Captains Corner – Back into the swing of things!

Here we are, already 3 weeks into the academic year. Now that we’ve had 3 weeks to settle back into everything and I’m sure that everyone has a number of assignments and/or assessments coming up. Saying that, away from our studies we also have many other things going on around the college. 


Last week we were fortunate enough to celebrate the academic achievements of last year’s, Year 12 cohort in a full school assembly. We had 8 students who excelled in their respective packages come back to the school and share their future aspirations. I would like to give a particular shout out to the 2019 College Dux, John Larkin. John gave an insight into the importance of learning and living a balanced lifestyle while studying at school.


This week we have 3 separate year groups going away. Year 7 and Year 10 are going on their respective camps while Year 12 are going on their retreat. From my experience of going on camps, they are a great way for a year group to bond and set the tone for the rest of the year.

Next week we have our annual College Opening Mass. The opening mass is a massive event for the whole school community as it inducts our Student College Leaders and signifies a spiritual start to the year for the whole school. 


With the conclusion of summer sports quickly coming, preseason will commence for the winter sports very shortly. As a member of the Open’s Rugby Squad, I can say that we have been working hard on and off the field to try and build off the success of last season. We are also fortunate enough to be traveling to Argentina and Chile in the Term 1 holidays. This much-anticipated experience will help improve our rugby program by competing against some of the best teams in their respective countries but also immerses ourselves in a completely different culture. 


As of this year, the College has decided to incorporate a program referred to as “elevated learning”. This program which has become a part of our fortnight-long timetable, allows the senior students, in particular, to learn and develop new and better studying strategies. Along with the elevated learning program, the school has also started another program called “Personal Formation”. Personal Formation which is also a part of our timetable has a particular focus on shaping us into young men of vibrant spirit and strong character. Both of these new programs are going to be a huge part of the education that St Edmunds offers now, and into the future.


Sam Gibson (College Captain)