Captains Corner – Heritage Round

This week the college is back into a normal routine, after having the first two weeks to get used to the early mornings and the ice on the ground.

Winter sports are back in full swing, with rugby, soccer and basketball all playing on the weekend. With the boys getting their first bit of assessment for the semester, it is important that there is still hard work being done in class and not just on the sporting field. Hopefully all the boys got some good feedback last week in parent teacher interviews and that it is applied in class.

Last week was topped off with the heritage round match up against Marist on Saturday. A day filled with great rugby and sportsmanship and was capped off by the corona restriction abiding first 15 game. A big thank you goes to all the staff involved and to all the boys involved in the day. It was noted at how well the boys behaved and accepted the restrictions allowing all the games to be played throughout the day. Another big thank you goes to the media team who put together a live stream and this is the first time that the first 15 had been streamed live to the internet. With 2,800 viewers throughout the stream this was a great initiative and it allows the community to stay connected even in these times, this was a great thing for the boys playing in firsts and seconds as their family all over the country could watch the game.

With the year coming to an end some of the Year 12’s are making the hardest decision of their lives, deciding what they will be doing after school. This is can be stressful time and also an exciting one. With AST testing and university applications due for some students and other boys trying to find trades or a passion to follow next year. A big thank you goes to staff on giving guidance on the situation and helping all the older boys through these times.

Now is also a reminder about staying connected with your family, neighbours and the community around us, make sure that they are ok. This can be a phone call or a simple conversation.

Hope everyone has a great week and stays safe.

Corey Davis
College Vice Captain

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