Captain's Corner - It’s time to bring out our A game

Captain’s Corner – It’s time to bring out our A game

Week 7 brings the pinnacle of academics for our year 12’s, the all-important ACT Scaling Test (AST). Our boys have been preparing for about a year and half for this test with the guidance of numerous staff members over the training period. Many thanks specifically to Mr Foskett and his team for organising the AST preparation day on Friday the 30th of August last week alongside the Thursday and Friday AST preparation sessions conducted throughout the year. We thank all the staff and boys for their extended efforts in preparation for the upcoming AST. Though this test is very important it is not entirely a complete make or break, the pressures brought by AST can be quite nerve-racking but is important to understand that your best results come from your best efforts. To all the year 12’s that will be sitting the AST, be prepared to work hard and give it your all. With only a few days left before the AST, we wish our Year 12 tertiary candidates’ good luck and all the best.

This week also brings the conclusion of our many winter co-curriculars. With the semi-finals and grand finals in approach, it is important to reinforce the idea of good sportsmanship. Finals are crucial matches, and everyone has been training all season to have a shot at bringing home the premiership, this means an even more competitive spirit and higher level of skill are now brought out to the playing field. As mentioned by our college vice-captain Mason Evans during his speech on Wednesday’s assembly, it is important to “stay humble in defeat and gracious in victory”. This message was again reinforced by our principal Mr Zavone, extending upon the importance of good sportsmanship. So, for all the boys finishing up their winter sports and co-curriculars, let’s bring out our competitive spirits, compete well for the premierships and show the crowds our best sportsmanship.

On Friday the 23rd of August, our hospitality department led by Mrs Moeller and Mrs Jarman set up a function in the staff room to raise funds for daffodil day. Daffodil day is an annual campaign held by the Cancer Council to raise awareness and support for cancer research to help the 145,000 Australian’s diagnosed with cancer each year. We had a number of our year 12 student leaders collecting gold coin and spare change donation during tutor group to support this cause. All the funds raised to support cancer research helps save and change the lives of our fellow Australians who are diagnosed with cancer. Thank you to Mrs Moeller and Mrs Jarman for preparing lots of delicious food and organising this event. Fundraisers like these are great opportunities to rally the eddies community together and express our integrity and support as a community.

Just this Friday the 30th of August, the college celebrated Father’s day, bringing together all of our fathers for mass in the chapel. “When I was there the chapel was absolutely packed with many students and their dads. The readings were done by a wide range of students from all sorts of year levels” (Hayden Pepper – College Faith and Mission Captain). This was followed by a function catered by the hospitality department in the junior school library. This was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the important men in our lives and thank them for all the contributions they have made to our lives.

A reminder to all our year 7 and 8 students that this Thursday the 5th of September is our Eddies Night Out! Be sure to get your tickets early as they are closing very soon.

With many events scheduled throughout the coming weeks, let’s all strive to always achieve our best in all things we do.

Symon Refuerzo (College Captain)