Captains Corner – Keep on Keeping on

Week 6 has been a routine week with boys continuing to put in work in both their studies and co-curricular. This term students have shown their effective work ethic as they continue to juggle their workload.

With week 7 comes the ever-important AST trial for Year 12 Tertiary students and is a moment the year group as a whole has been working towards for 1 and a half years. Teachers such as Jack Dowling, Mr Bibbens, Mr Argyle and Mr Foskett have been running workshops and training sessions for boys to practice, but more importantly familiarise themselves with the AST environment. Last Friday boys undertook a whole day of AST practice which reviewed all the sections of the test and the most effective ways to answer each type of question. Everyone who attended found this extremely useful and I personally know that over the weekend I revised the booklets we were given for a second time. It is important to remember that whilst this test is stressful and important at the end of the day your best results will come from your best efforts and that is all anyone can ask for.

As Term 3 draws to a close it is important that boys continue to hold themselves to high standards and finish strong. We are now entering into warmer days, however, this does not mean we start to wear the uniform incorrectly. We must continue to take pride in the Crest and wear our blazers to and from school every day without compromise. Boys in older years must also continue to wear their uniform to sports games to display the brotherhood we display both during the school week and weekend.

Last week accelerated students from both junior school and high school attended a morning tea together to discuss their journey as an accelerated student. The purpose of this gathering was to display where the acceleration path can take you and provide younger students with older boys to talk to if they are ever struggling and need someone to talk to. It was a great event and I could see that the younger boys really got something out of it. It was also a great opportunity for the older boys to give back to the junior boys who we do not get to see often.

I hope everyone has a great week and everyone shares a special day with their Dad’s and role models.

Tyler Greenhalgh
College Vice Captain

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