Captain’s Corner – Look on the Bright PRIDE

This week at the College the boys have drawn fresh inspiration from the recently launched Statement of Eddies Pride. This statement embodies the characteristics and illustrates the actions of Eddies Pride and what it means to be an Eddies boy. In collaboration with the College’s Personal Formation program, which is partaken in every fortnight, the Statement of Eddies Pride is a tool that has clearly identified the high standards that we hold ourselves to when interacting with others. Summarised, the statement challenges our boys to achieve their personal best, to invest in positive relationships with everyone, to contribute to a positive learning environment, to honour our College name, and to reflect the College motto (Christus Lux Mea). By promoting these actions to our boys, we will inevitably unite as a school community and further improve our good standing within the local community.

Parent teacher interviews commence this week which serves as an opportunity for boys to receive feedback for their work last semester and encourage improvement into the future. These meetings hold new importance after the launching of the Statement of Eddies Pride, as teachers can encourage students to improve their schooling efforts and suggest strategies of how they can now benefit the College community. Unfortunately due to current restrictions only one parent is able to attend. I encourage all boys to have an open conversation with their parents afterwards so that all parties can build towards improving upon their previous semester. Over the holidays semester reports were released with our students’ academic and effort grades; providing an indicator for which areas need the most support. Year 12 had an AST practice test on Monday this week in preparation for the upcoming AST testing at the beginning of September. The boys are ensuring that they are equipped with all the skills to succeed in their final year and giving themselves the best chance upon leaving the College. We wish them the best of luck in preparing.

The last few weeks have also seen a return to competition for most of our winter sports codes, most notably basketball recommencing for the first time last week. The boys have all been elevated in awaiting the return to competition and have reaped the reward of good hygienic practices. It still remains important that everyone involved in these winter sports codes are cooperating with the instructions of their coaches, managers, and officials. These people have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the return to competition has occurred as soon and a safely as it has and deserve recognition for their efforts.

This week our co-curricular calendar would usually hold particular importance and relevance for many boys and Old Boys of the College. This weekend is scheduled to host our annual Heritage rounds for rugby and football against Marist. This day often is doused in tours and Old Boys events that help to contribute and build the College’s rapport with each other and the immediate community. While we can’t do these things this year, we look forward to 2021 when we can have a return of Old Boys events. On the positive side, games will continue to go ahead this weekend highlighted, as always, by the 1st XV match. However, in the light of the COVID situation that we are facing, team managers and coaches will be recording and limiting the number of attendees allowed to watch the games. Only team members and one parent can attend to watch the game. Even though you can’t attend, you can support the teams by ensuring the boys are well prepared and motivated for, what is traditionally, such a significant event.

On Friday we celebrated the service of Ms McLeod at our College. Ms McLeod served many years as the school nurse and recently as the Head of Rugby and the 1st XV manager. Ms McLeod had a number of connections with the students and we wish her well into the future.

Patrick McFarlane
College Vice-Captain

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