Captain's Corner - Not Quite Over Yet

Captain’s Corner – Not Quite Over Yet

Not Quite Over Yet

Keep Pushing Right Till the End

The term is coming to a close and with it, many things are nearing their end. This week on Thursday the Year 12s’ have their formal, finishing off the three days left of the term with a bang. To continue on from this a lot of the boys are getting around the year 12 gift and designing/redesigning possible concepts for what we all intend to give the college in our final year. More locally, the interschool relations between Eddies, Clare’s and Girls Grammar has been greatly strengthened throughout the year with various charity volleyball/netball games. This Wednesday the boys will be playing Clare’s in volleyball, generally, everybody is looking forward to the game and for many, these are the last things that we will be jointly doing with St Clare’s. Excitingly Captain roles are now in the process of being distributed among the year 11’s for next year and the College looks to be in good hands with the group of boys taking over, the spirit and pride with which we feel about our great College is more than represented in these boys and many seem eager and keen to take up the various mantles of student leaders. Winter sports have now also come to a close and we are seeing the start of many summer sports. As the weather warms up many students are becoming more energetic with it, a perfect time for the holidays. But this does not mean that us students should become complacent with our study, many assignments and exams are due next term meaning that some work does need to be put into the holidays, keep your mind fresh so that term 4 is not a shock. In a sprint, you always finish as hard as you started, be strong from start to finish, be it in sport or studies. You don’t want to look back and think “I could have done better”, be better now. Push yourself, because no one else can do that for you, it all looks hard until you’ve done it.

Patrick Burns (College Academic Captain)