Captain's Corner - Spirit, Pride and Leadership

Captain’s Corner – Spirit, Pride and Leadership

Nagasaki Nanzan is hosted by St Edmunds, Pre-Season Training commences and an update on Year 12.

We are more than halfway through the school term now and things are going smoothly. We as a school have seen the arrival of many students from our brother school in Japan, Nagasaki Nanzan. They demonstrated their cultural dances and engaged with the boys in middle school enthusiastically as well as the reception from the boys of St Edmund’s College being quite exemplary. The home-stays also went quite well, with families and boys putting their best effort in, to make the stay of the Nanzan students fun and rewarding.

Pre-Season trainings have also kicked off, with sports such as: Basketball, Soccer and Rugby to name a few, starting their season strong. The willingness of boys to train and get a head start is truly inspiring as it demonstrates the commitment and engaging attitude that the boys already have, even though we are still in the first term. Many boys have expressed their excitement for the season coming up and by all accounts whether or not we succeed with medals or accolades I believe we will win in spirit, such is the nature of Eddies Pride.

Year 12 has received their estimated ATAR’s and many through this have been inspired to achieve even higher than last year. Practice AST on Fridays and in the Thursday Morning sessions have (in their first week) been going exceptionally well. The attendance rate is encouraging and the willingness and acknowledgement from most boys to not let each other down is demonstrative of this year’s cohort, and the responsibility that we all have accepted to do our best and continue the legacy of thousands of boys who came before us.

Although still early in the year many events have and will continue to take place, in the past week we have seen St Edmund’s International side through our hosting of Nanzan, the willingness of all boys to put their best effort into their sports and other activities, and Year 12 as the student leaders of this school are without a doubt looking exceptional.

Patrick Burns, College Academic Captain