Captain's Corner - Wrapping Up Term 1

Captain’s Corner – Wrapping Up Term 1

Wrapping up Term one

This term has seen many different events that have showcased school spirit, athleticism, cultural diversity and much more. The athletics carnival was successfully run on Thursday in week 8, with many boys eager to participate across all the track and field events. Friday in week 9 saw many of the boys out in their cultural clothes, celebrating the multitude of cultures and ancestries we have within the Eddies community. Last Thursday, Ms Southwell ran the Year 8 and 9 disco night, raising money for the Solomon Islands immersion trip. The evening ran smoothly with the boys from years 10, 11 and 12 helping with the evening. Numbers were stacked for the evening with at least 200+ students from St Clare’s, Girl’s Grammar and St Edmund’s. A special thanks to the senior boys who provided some great tunes and good security.

With the term heading to a close, the senior youth ministry has been working hard with Mr Monagle and the youth ministers to put together the program for the Easter Liturgy coming up this Thursday. Easter as the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, his resurrection from his ultimate sacrifice for our redemption. The Lenten season is the preparation in the lead up to Easter. Again, we should reflect on the purpose of lent, why we bother participating in it. The luxuries we give up during lent brings us closer to Christ’s experience during his 40 days and 40 nights of fasting. Lent provides us with this opportunity to reflect on our lives and understand how we can be more Christlike.

Wrapping up term 1, we’re now amidst the academic lifestyle, with deadlines slowly approaching and getting feedback from our first assessments. With preseason trainings already on, we’re heading towards the busier parts of our year, with most afternoons taken up by trainings and studies. It can be easy to get lost within all the hustle and bustle of a busy school life, so it is important to reach out to others when we might need some guidance. Also, take a step back and make sure we’re checking in on ourselves, making sure that we’re on top of our things. The holiday period is a great time to step back, relax, recover and prepare for the challenges of term 2. It is also a great opportunity to get your schedules organised and make progress with your studies. Do enjoy your holidays, however also make sure that your being proactive, ensure that you know what deadlines lie ahead and what events are on. Term 1 has been a fantastic start to the year, now looking forward to Term 2. Safe travels and take care to everyone who’s going away for the holidays, most importantly, enjoy.

Symon Refuerzo (College Captain)

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