Captain's Corner

Captain’s Corner

Taking a step back from the busy school life

The past few weeks has seen a lot of movement around the college, with many students from years 7, 10 and 12 going on retreat. Retreat provides a great opportunity for the boys to become more familiar with everyone in their cohort, whilst enjoying time away from all the hustle and bustle of school. Throughout our time at Eddies as students, retreat was one of the more memorable moments of high school. Often it was a time where you’d be meeting some of the new boys or getting to spend time with the mates you already have. The content provided within the retreats are quite useful, the year twelve retreat ran over the concept of ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’. Which really opened up the opportunity for us as year twelves to step back and evaluate our past, what’s offered in the present and what the future holds for us. Seeing how the people around us, from close family to friends, teachers and other peers have really shaped us as our own individuals today. Quite frankly, the simple tool of stepping back and evaluating the current situation at present can be quite powerful. Alongside the content driven work, the enjoyment from competing against each other in table tennis matches, games of pool, basketball and other sports really make up for quite the experience. Sharing this sense of brotherhood amongst the whole cohort was something evident throughout the whole retreat and is an aspect that made the retreat quite special.  Evidently this experience varies depending on your cohort, none the less the memories made during these experiences are one of the many joys you get within an Eddies journey.

Looking forward to the next few events coming up, the swimming carnival is one that is fast approaching. Again another great opportunity for all the boys to come along together and compete in races, water-polo and beach volleyball. It’s always a good way of showcasing house pride and spirit, with this the great house rivalries. The athletics carnival is also not too far in sight, coming up in week eight. So it’s time to get ready for a good showcase of athleticism and express our great school spirit.

Symon Refuerzo (College Captain)