The end of the year is always a joyous time in the Careers and VET department. We have students coming in to inform us about their early offers to Uni, students starting to work in their Apprenticeships full time, students relieved about the end of the school year and the excited trepidation of stepping outside the walls of Eddie’s to take their first steps into the world of work and study as an adult away from school.

Personally, it brings a level of satisfaction to hear great news from our Year 12 students as my year has included countless meetings with their parents, phone calls and hallways discussions about their ever changing options and choices. I feel that I have prepared them as much as possible to be aware of the vast amount of employment and study possibilities available to them and I have consistently encouraged them to focus on their personal employability skills that will continue to expand and develop throughout their lives.

Upon leaving St Edmund’s I hope that our Year 12 students continue to keep an eye out for every possibility available to them as continued training and growth will contribute to their future employment success. Intermittently engaging with government advisory websites such as Job Jumpstart for advice and guidance is a great place to start.

A reminder to all Tertiary students who are receiving their ATARs to come to the school Library on Monday the 16th December between 12 and 3pm to collect your results. If you are unable to attend you must have written and signed permission for a parent or representative to collect your results.

In 2020 the Careers Adviser role at St Edmund’s College will be filled by Ms Rebecca Jarman. She has an extensive background of experience in a range of employment fields and I have no doubt that her enthusiasm and knowledge will assist our students greatly. Alex Hausen will return to his role as VET Coordinator in 2020.

I am moving onto the Careers Adviser role at Marist College in 2020 and I would like to thank everyone in the St Edmund’s community (students, parents, Old Boys and employers) for their endless support and generosity over the last two and a half years that I have been in this role.

Merry Christmas and a safe and joyous 2020 to you all.

Leigh Southwell (Careers Adviser)

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