Catch the Wave: Year 9 Youth Ministry Retreat

Catch the Wave: Year 9 Youth Ministry Retreat

On Wednesday last week, our year 9 cohort engaged in our annual ‘Catch the Wave’ retreat. This experience was run by Youth Ministers from the Catholic Education Office and led by old boy and proponent of the Catholic faith, Huw Warmenhoven.

Throughout the experience, boys were challenged to think about what labels we give each other and what it means to be able to say ‘yes’ to the possibility of hearing the Word of God.

Our boys also were given the opportunity to engage in Reconciliation following an activity where we were asked to think about when we fall short of doing the right thing. We are all human, we try sometimes to do right, and sometimes we choose the wrong thing. Forgiveness and salvation were also discussed in light of these being accessible through faith in Jesus Christ. Each activity the boys engaged in was done in such an engaging way with a complete understanding that a young person may not be certain in their faith and what’s more, they don’t have to be. This invites them to think and reflect on the possibility


This retreat is a forerunner to boys considering to choose ‘Youth Ministry’ as an elective in Religious Education in semester two. Year 9 Youth Ministry begins with the basics of exploring one’s faith, then as the course develops we seek to engage in the essential elements of Youth Ministry- connect, proclaim and response.  Leadership skills are fostered in the course as we look at how to run a retreat or activity and we celebrate what each individual students can bring to Youth Ministry. Our boys are constantly invited into the opportunity to encounter Christ. This course allows boys to explore this a little more.

We look forward to next semester and seeing where our Youth Ministry class will take us. It is always wonderful to see young people engaging in their faith and wanting to share that with others.

We are so blessed to have Youth Ministers engage our boys last week, the program of Youth Ministry began here at St Edmund’s many years ago. It is also special to see that our old boys who were part of the pioneer program are changing lives through his faith. Read Huw Warmenhoven’s passion for Christ and the important messages he feels young people need to hear here

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