Celebrating the Feast of Blessed Edmund Rice

Maya Angelou said ‘The more you know your history, the more liberated you are’. It is vital that we know who we are in our society and what our origin story is, so that we may better fulfil that purpose and more. Our Founder’s Day holiday recognises the inspiring work of our founder, Edmund Rice, whose Feast Day falls on 5 May.  As a community, we celebrate his life and work on Founders Day.

Celebrating the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice

In the EREA tradition, Schools around the world will celebrate the life and vision of their Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice. Edmund Rice started a school for underprivileged boys to gain an education and an innate spiritual understanding of Christ.

Much like it was back then, Blessed Edmund’s charism and mission is ours – ours to shape and to turn into a dynamic, contemporary force. Such a force is very much needed in our complex and fragile world where both its people and its environment need the protection of a courageous loving hand. Not only does St Edmund’s pride itself in our scholarly achievements but also our ability to support our wider community by raising much-needed funds and support for those marginalised in our community.

In the second week of our College Term, we will be celebrating our founding father Blessed Edmund Rice on Founders Day this Thursday the 5th of May. Throughout the day, we will undertake numerous activities which will reflect our Catholic values and virtues that the College was founded upon.

Students will start this day with Mass and will return to the College grounds and will be greeted with a buzz of life and excitement as various fun and engaging activities will occur for all boys from Y4 – Y12. The day will occur in cohorts and with the House Shield on the line, the competition will continue through the fierce competition lunchtime games where students will test their skills in Touch football, Basketball, egg and spoon race and many more with those victorious, gaining points for their represented House. It is important that we include the relevancy of spiritual content into practical activities where monies raised will go to supporting our College Charities.

Through reverent prayer and sacred celebration, students will reflect on the true values of our founder and acknowledge ways in which we can all be like them whilst engaging in brotherly companionship across all walks of life.

Overall, we are hoping that boys will participate wholly in our morning Mass, bring monies to support our Charity of CARITAS, wear Eddies gear/PE Gear and enjoy an action-packed day where we can be reminded of our founding father Blessed Edmund Rice, and the incredible life he lived and how we can continue that vision today into the 21st Century.

We hope that by having this day of fun and excitement, students are able to get to know their teachers and peers in a different light, thus by developing and investing in relationships and hopes and dreams for the future.

Gloria Field said “Knowing your History can give you the tools to shape your future”.

Christus Lux Mea

Tim MacArthur
Head of Rice House