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A significant proportion of graduating Seniors who achieve academic recognition are involved in our College’s debating program at some point during their enrolment. Evidence suggests that there is a correlation between academic success and debating which the College continues to foster.

School sides are nominated into various age divisions of the ACT Debating Competition. The College supports teams from Years 5-10, complimented by our Senior sides. Students in Junior School can prepare for entry into the ACT Rostrum competition. Students involved in the ACT Debating Competition are required to prepare and present a major oral presentation (debate) each week during the course of two, six week seasons.

Selected students from each age group additionally compete at the ACT Legislative Assembly debates, enhancing their skills and showcasing their abilities to sitting members of the ACT assembly.

Throughout both Semesters, students develop their confidence and ability to compete against a range of school sides from throughout the region and are encouraged to debate with passion and a courage of their convictions.

As the College continues to raise its academic standards and results. The measure of the success of debating is the amount of students who re-enrol in the debating program and the new faces we attract to one of the most rewarding co-curricular activities that we offer at the College.


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