College Captain Article

Last week, St Edmund’s College hosted our annual Mother’s Day Mass. The Mother’s Day mass was a beautiful expression of the connection between Eddie’s boys and their mothers, with the boys singing hymns and affirming that special connection. Boys gifted roses to their mums and spent time in the ERC after the ceremony taking photos and expressing their love and gratitude. The service itself talked about how valuable maternal figures are in the catholic mythos.

But, while the celebrations continued into Mother’s Day on Sunday, I want to remind the college community about the significance of these maternal figures in our growth from boys to young men. The role of a mother is both challenging and rewarding, and it’s important to express our gratitude for the tireless dedication and unconditional love that these women provide. I also want to acknowledge the many other women who play important roles in the lives of our students, including teachers, coaches, and mentors, and make it known that these roles provide valuable guidance to the boys at St Edmund’s. But, more so than anything else, Mother’s Day should serve as a reminder. The love and gratitude that is shown on Mother’s Day should be constant feelings and should be presented to the maternal figures in our lives on a regular basis.

For me, my mum has been an integral part of my growth into the proud young man and Eddie’s boy I am. To her, as long as I give everything I attempt my best effort, she’s proud of who I am – regardless of whether I do well or not. She’s been my rock throughout my tough times, and she’s been there to congratulate me on my achievements. To my mum, I love you, and I’m forever and always grateful for the sacrifices you make for me.

Additionally, Mother’s Day presents a chance to look at the relationships we have with women as a whole. With St Edmund’s moving towards building a stronger relationship with St Clare’s College, our students should continue to foster positive relationships with the girls at St Clare’s. As young men, the importance of developing connections with these girls is key in understanding our own emotions and being able to mature and grow. These relationships, like any others, can help us build emotional maturity, and become smart and compassionate young men.

We, as young men, must also understand the significance of respect in a relationship. We must be willing to challenge harmful attitudes and behaviours towards women and speak out against gender-based violence and discrimination. But, as individualistic advice, I believe good communication is an integral part of a respectful relationship. In a respectful relationship, you should be able to discuss how you feel about things and not feel judged by your partner. Additionally, your partner won’t know how you feel unless you talk about it and, if they care for you, they will want you to tell them your concerns. Communication is necessary in building strong relationships, and, alongside this, good communication is generally just a useful skill to have.

As an Edmund Rice school, one of our 4 touchstones is ‘Inclusive Community’. Through reflection on Mother’s Day, we can continue to grow into the best versions of ourselves and provide an inclusive community to all through our respectful and positive relationships.

Edmund’s to the fore.

Joseph McBride
Mulrooney House Captain