College Captain Article

Mr. Metcalfe tells tales of his travels on bike in Columbia, of the beautiful countryside, of the interesting cities, of the shady business. He tells one story in particular, of a man who, while driving, lent out of his car to give sir some oranges as he rode up a hill. This simple compassion, the kindness that the locals show, framed the trip for Mr. Metcalfe, that was the true beauty of that country.

In our busy lives in first world countries, we tend to forget this kindness, this compassion. Many tourists will remember us for our friendliness or for the awesome places we have in Australia, but one comment that we don’t get often is that we are kind, or compassionate, we might give normal courtesy, but we don’t go above and beyond. It is this gap between First and Third World countries that show humans colours, we tend to discard the small things as our lives get busier, we set our standards lower.

It is then that we notice people around us that have this compassion, kindness and courtesy. These are the people who you walk away from feeling better about yourself, the people you smile about, and those that leave an impression. It is our job as a school to form these people, the people who put others first and leave an impression.

Being a good human being, being a good man, means having these qualities, no one is perfect but we all should pursue better. The simple things in life are the most important, when we lift others, we are lifted. The best men are those that lift each other up, that are compassionate and kind, that show courtesy.

All these things aren’t linear, nor can they be pushed into people, we all have different aspects of these things. I believe the line between those who have these qualities and those who are truly great people is how much effort you put in. It does no good to have gifts and not use them, even those who naturally have little of these qualities can be great if they apply what they have.

Even in these bounds, compassion, courtesy and kindness, it doesn’t make a person, flaws do, but if you have these three things, you’re on the right track. So never stop striving for better, never stop learning, for anyone can be great.

It isn’t the number of people who remember you that makes you great, but how much of an impact you make on people.

Jacob MacDonald 
Treacy Vice Captain