Donation Requests for Children's Clothing

Donation Requests for Children’s Clothing

We are a registered charity in Canberra looking for clothing donations for primary and high school aged children. We regularly receive quite a sufficient amount of donations for babies/toddlers but are always running low on clothing for older children. If there is any chance you would be willing to place a small advertisement in your next school newsletter we would be so grateful! Below is a small example for you to use, along with our logo attached, if you feel it is suitable:

Roundabout Canberra is a volunteer powered charity that takes donations of pre-loved baby and kids items and works with social services to provide them to local families in need. Since starting in February 2018, Roundabout has helped over 1080 local children. Roundabout is receiving an increasing number of orders for older children, and just can’t meet demand for clothing in sizes 5-14. If your children have recently had a growth spurt, Roundabout will gladly take any great quality pre-loved clothing. Details about donating, and a full list of accepted items can be found on their website –

Thanks for your consideration and please let us know if you have any questions!

Many thanks,
Di (Roundabout Canberra Volunteer)