Elevated Learning Program

Elevated Learning Program

Elevated Learning Program (ELP) is a new program which will be run during periods 3 and 4 on Friday of Week B. This program was started as we could see a gap in the boys’ knowledge of study skills and we wanted to explicitly teach these skills. We might ask the boys to go home and study, but what does that mean? This is where the study skills, which will be taught through the Elevated Learning Program, will aim to enhance the boys’ knowledge of what it means to be an effective student.

Some of the topics which will be covered over this year include time management, stress management, memorisation, test skills and note taking. Year 12 T students will have a focus on AST skills and Year 11 and 12 A students will have a focus on life skills and careers. Year 10 students will start the year with general study skills knowledge and then move into careers. Years 8 and 9 will focus on the topics listed above and Year 7 will initially learn about what is means to be a high school student and getting organised.

We will be using Dr Prue Salter’s website Enhanced Learning Educational Services for many of the lessons. Students will have their own account which they can access anytime and we will set up their accounts this Friday in ELP. Parents will also be able to access the information via their son’s account. There is a vast amount of information on this site with many helpful tips, videos and quizzes. We will be using other information from various sources which will be up on your son’s ELP Canvas page.

We are looking forward to teaching this program. It is envisaged that the boys will take full advantage of learning these skills and then implementing them in the classroom and at home.

Transitioning to Online Learning(Letter to Parents)