English Reports Years 7 – 10

English Reports Years 7 – 10

English Vortex T3 2019

An emphasis in junior English classes over the past few years has been the promotion and monitoring of student progress in their learning. As the reports indicate, we are trying to support our students in moving up through the stages of thinking in English, whether this be in their understanding and critical thinking skills, or in their written expression. Because of this emphasis on improvement, the first assessment of the semester is not necessarily a predictor of student achievement for the semester. These initial assessments are the basis for the Progress Report grade but they do not count towards the semester grade.

What can be telling, both in terms of the semester grade and the student’s overall learning experience, is the difference between the first and second assessment. If the student is showing improvement, that should be celebrated, whatever the student’s starting point or whatever end point they reach in terms of the semester grade. I would encourage parents to check in with their sons once the second round of assessment is returned to gather a sense of the learning that has taken place.

Tim Bibbens (Head of English)