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Why Boys’ Education

Boys need to develop quality relationships with their teachers

At St Edmund’s, we know our boys. With our major intake coming in at Year 4 and Year 7, our students will enjoy up to a nine year school-based relationship with the College. Strong bonds are developed over these years and our vertical Pastoral Care system reinforces our concern for the continuity of care for each boy. Teachers, Tutors, Support and Administration Staff all work hard to ensure positive relationships are fostered in every situation and St Edmund’s students know that their staff care about them as individuals. Most of our students will then go on to be a part of our Alumni and proudly call themselves Eddies ‘Old Boys’ returning to the College for various events each year.

Boys need to have a sense of place and community at school

St Edmund’s has been nurturing our community for 66 years. Considerable time is spent developing and nurturing a sense of pride in being a part of the history and future of the school. Student are frequently asked to reflect on the legacy that they are leaving behind them and look for ways to ensure this is supportive of our vision and mission.

We have an enduring commitment to ensure that membership within our College community continues indefinitely for former staff, students and their families. St Edmund’s maintains these networks through groups and committees such as the ‘Old Boys’, College Foundation and ‘Edmums’.

The relevance of what they are learning is particularly important to boys

Our curriculum continually evolves to reflect changing academic, career and trade opportunities. Our boys are offered a wide variety of subject options and throughout High School, they are encouraged to try new subjects to broaden their social and academic outlook. Our focus is on the growth of each student and offering them opportunities to reach and celebrate their full potential.

At St Edmund’s, all learning is relational. Students are continuously engaged in discussion amongst each other and guided by staff regarding every task prior to commencement. Staff are eager to ensure the success of our boys and so ensure ongoing conversations occur regarding all learning that takes place.

Boys need a sense of empowerment and engagement at school with many opportunities for success

We offer our boys an extensive choice of subjects, a wide variety of co-curricular options, both sporting and cultural, and the opportunity to engage with the community through social justice programs.

Student Leadership is a key element to the College. Students are first and foremost leaders of themselves and their actions. In mastering this, a boy can then begin to be a leader of others. Senior leadership positions are offered across all year groups and students assigned or elected to these positions ensure the student voice is considered in all relevant school decisions.