Finishing the school year – 5 Ideas for finishing the school year well!

Like all years that cycle around there is always a final push to the finish line. For our students, that might be to graduate from St Edmunds or to simply move onto the next year level in the year to follow. This year, has been like no other which I am confident that we can all attest to. It has challenged us to overcome what we never saw coming. As a unique community we banded together to learn, live and lead. It is now coming to that time in the year that we need to knuckle down and finish well. It’s so easy to say, but how do we as teachers, parents and students really put this into a process?

There is a wonderful article by Karine Veldoen from Lean Forward who put it very simply. She broke down the process into 5 steps:

  1. Get Organised. Create a simple and guided checklist.
  2. Reflect Thoroughly
  3. Approach Imperfections with Compassion
  4. Focus on Growth. Set clear intentions for growth. Interesting to note that all growth in nature comes from a place of rest. Brainstorm ideas designed for thriving in the seasons ahead.
  5. Give Thanks. It never grows old.

Truly consider what finishing the year well means to you. St Edmunds has a very busy schedule to finish the year. There are many events including the NAIDOC mass, Year 12 Farewell rite of passage week, House farewells, Graduation, Exams and of course the day to day operations and events in our school. So I encourage you to take the time to stop, process and evaluate the year that was and Is.

Alana Beard
Head of Haydon House

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