FYA Awards – Eddies Night Out!

The Foundation for Young Australians was established in the year 2000 and is an organisation who runs numerous programs to ‘back young people’. This organisation has taken over the previously known $20 Boss program. FYA allows students to run our Market Day by providing funds for students to access start-up capital.

For the past 2 years, World of Money classes have run Market Day at school. In 2019 a group of Year 12 boys ran a school disco and invited St Clare’s and Girls Grammar for a wonderful community evening that raised just over $5000 for an Indian charity. These boys had to use team work, collaboration, organisation skills and marketing techniques to establish and run their event.

This group was nominated for the National Enterprise of the Year Awards through FYA for their innovation, uniqueness and community impact. I was very excited that ‘Eddies Night Out’ won 1st prize in the ACT! This is a wonderful achievement given there were over 100 nominations for the Year 9-12 category nationally.

The group members were: James Skvorc, William Alsworth, Samuel Daniher, Armand Gouws. All of these boys left Year 12 in 2019 and I would like to pass on my thanks and congratulations to these fine young men on a great achievement!

Kylie Rose
Head of Humanities & Social Science

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