Graduation Mass 2019

Graduation Mass 2019

Last Friday the current year 12 leaders passed on the ‘Light of Christ’ through the College Candle to our College Leaders for 2020. This is a significant milestone, as these young men who are the elected leaders become a beacon of light to all students at our College for the coming year. We keep both the outgoing leaders and the incoming leaders in our prayers as we move into this transition period to finish the year.


Christus Lux Mea, Christ is My Light.

The motto of St Edmund’s College. During the past year Symon Refuerzo College Captain, Mason Evans – College Vice Captain, Harry Buckley- College Vice Captain, Patrick Burns- Academic Captain and Hayden Pepper- Faith and Mission Captain have held the light of Christ as leaders of St Edmund’s College.

It is now time for them to pass on the light to the College Leaders for 2020. I now invite Symon, Mason, Harry, Patrick and Hayden to present the College Candle, the symbol of Christ, to Sam Gibson – College Captain, Corey Davis- College Vice Captain Service, Tyler Greenhalgh- College Vice Captain Academic and Patrick MacFarlane- College Vice Captain Faith and Mission for 2020.

Entrance Symbols- present on the altar.

The Cross:                                                                     Darius Cordina

We bring to the Eucharist, the cross to serve as a reminder of our mission and identity as Disciples of Christ.

Year 12 school photo 2019                    Sam Gibson, 2019 College Captain

The year group photo represents the 9 years of brotherhood that have connected the class of 2019 and identified them as Eddie boys.

We pray that the graduating class of 2019 be young men who always stand for others and face all challenges with hope and faith.

Family/Parents                                        Shepherd Family- Robbie and Sue

Every time our families loved us – a seed was planted
Every time our families supported us – a seed was planted
Every time our families made a sacrifice for us – a seed was planted
Every time our families had faith in us – a seed was panted

Over the last 9 years, the seeds our families have planted have germinated and grown into the fine young men we are today, who are ready to embrace our future beyond the walls of St Edmund’s College.


Michael Monagle (Assistant Principal- Mission and Identity)


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