Homestay Families for Students from Nagasaki, Japan

Homestay Families for Students from Nagasaki, Japan

We are looking for homestay families for groups from Nanzan College in Nagasaki, Japan and from a school in Germany. If you are interested please register here: or contact Andrew Taylor ( or Yuko Leffers ( for more information. The estimated dates are for 6 nights at the end of March, to be confirmed shortly. Being involved in an exchange is a wonderful experience and a great service to the school and we appreciate all those involved.


Experience of a Homestay – parent’s perspective

Our experience with the homestays was fantastic.

We hosted Kento in March this year and it was a pleasure having him stay with us.

It was a great opportunity for Max to hone in on his Japanese and for Kento to practice his English.

It was interesting listening to the boys compare the difference and similarities in their home lives. The boys got on well and while communicating was challenging at times there was a lot of laughter.

Kento was very appreciative and we enjoyed showing him around.

Max thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Japan during the July holidays.  While he enjoyed the touring around in Tokyo and Osaka the highlight of the trip was the homestay at Nagasaki.

Max stayed with the Oda family who lived in a traditional Japanese home. The family was lovely and very welcoming.

Max was lucky to be taken by the family to science centre as well as experiencing a day at a Japanese beach and eating out at a Sushi train restaurant.

Max loved the Japanese food and is keen to try cooking some dishes at home.

The whole experience has been very positive and I would recommend to anyone thinking of hosting a student to do so.

Given the opportunity we would love to host again.


Andrew Taylor (Languages Teacher)