International Exchange – visits to St Edmund’s College in 2020

International Exchange – visits to St Edmund’s College in 2020

March 2020 will be an exciting time for culture and international relations at St Edmund’s College. It will be the fifth year that students from Nanzan College in Nagasaki have visited us. Over the years our students have developed many friendships and experienced life through the eyes of people from another culture. For the first time next year we will also host a group of boys visiting from Germany in co-ordination with Canberra Girls Grammar.

We really appreciate the efforts of homestay families over the years to look after our visitors and share their family lives with them. Without the efforts of the many families who have hosted, we would not be able to provide students from both Eddie’s and Nanzan College with such experiences.

We are now looking for host families for March 2020, for students from both Nanzan and Germany. Families can register through the following form: Host families should be able to provide guests with 3 meals a day, and there is no language requirement for host families. Families from year 4 – year 12 are invited to host.

Nanzan College (Nagasaki) visit to St Edmund’s College

Proposed dates: 6 nights between March 19 – 27

German School visit to St Edmund’s College and Canberra Girls Grammar

Proposed date: one week in late March/early April, to be confirmed in October.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch –

Andrew Taylor (Languages Teacher)

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