IT @ Eddies

The College has been investing in building a creative and engaging MakerSpace in the library for students to share ideas, work on extended projects and develop their knowledge and understanding of Information Technology. The MakerSpace has become an exciting hub for tech activity during lunchtimes in term one. Students under the direction of Mr Taylor,  have been experimenting with taking apart and fixing old computers, installing a Linux Operating System and learning to use Command Line prompts to navigate the interface. Students have also had lots of opportunities to design and print their own 3d models and to build and program Lego robotics.

The group has some big plans in store, including building a networked system using reconditioned computers for playing multiplayer games, creating an arcade gaming unit, and a building server to connect various sensors around the school. The atmosphere is very friendly and our students are clearly enjoying the hands-on approach to learning about technology.

We are open at lunchtime and after school on Tuesday to Thursday, and everyone is welcome.

Margaret Maher
Assistant Principal – ICT & Innovation