Jar of Awesome

If you are looking for ways to increase self esteem in your child or young person then an easy activity is to create a Jar of Awesome. First you find a jar and label it “The Jar of Awesome” then each day you write a note of something that is awesome about the person that you have created the jar for and place the note in the jar. Alternatively you can get the person to write the note about something positive that they have achieved in their day. The notes are then able to be read when may be not feeling so awesome as a reminder of the positive things about them and achievements they have made.

Teaching positive habits helps us cope better with stress, be less depressed and anxious, be more creative and productive and be more fulfilled in our relationships with families and friends.

Little notes of awesomeness have been appearing in staff areas as a show of support for each other and parents have been putting positive affirmations in their child’s lunch boxes. Keep up the positive talk.

Linda James
College Counsellor

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