Junior School News: Week 3 Term 3, 2022

Last week we enjoyed many events, full of fun activities with a wonderful community feel. It is always great to attend excursions and weekend sport and see our students engaging with each other towards a common goal. On Friday evening we enjoyed the Blue and White ball, an initiative born from the work of our Old Boys’ and Friends Association. Having our parents, Old Boys, staff and ex-staff all come together socially is a wonderful way to strengthen our community. This community spirit extended to Saturday for Heritage round, held at the college. The scenes during some of the later matches of soccer and rugby were terrific and the chant practice held by the whole school on Friday certainly paid off. If you couldn’t make the ball or heritage round this year, I would strongly recommend you pop these events in the family diary for 2023.

Early this week, Mr Zavone and I received an email from the Marist U10 Division 1 rugby coach with wonderful feedback on our team and its coaching staff from the weekend’s fixture. The team is coached by a recent Old Boy (Jarrod Watts) and three senior students (Archie Cooney, Kinin Brown and Kye Darmody). Joe and I are so pleased with this feedback and although we are quick to react when something goes wrong in the co-curricular sphere, it is always important to highlight positive feedback. The fact that these players made such an impression, and that the opposition coach took time out of his day to let us know via email speaks volumes for how well these student coaches are mentoring our youngest rugby team. Please find contents of the email below. Mr Di Fronzo, Mr Rutter and I have spoken with the players to let them know how proud we are of them.

Dear Joe and David

I coach the U10 Marist Royals (my son plays in this team) that played a thrilling 21 all draw against your U10 team last Saturday. The game was played with excellent skill, commitment and physicality from both teams. Most impressive to me was the magnificent spirit the game was played in. Both teams contested fiercely but maintained sportsmanship throughout and all shook hands with smiles on their faces at the end of the game. It was one of the best games of junior rugby I have seen. The fact that your U10 team is coached by Senior students (apologies, I didn’t get their names) is a credit to St Edmunds, those young men are doing a great job.


5/6 Touch Football Gala Day – Well done to the 37 students who attended this excursion last Wednesday. We had 5 evenly matched teams and they all played some great touch football. I think many appreciated having a referee (as opposed to recess/lunch touch footy) and I witnessed so many examples of sportsmanship, teamwork and the forging of new friendships. We have not been able to participate in many of these types of events over the last few years so it was so pleasing to see St Edmund’s colours competing against other schools once again. The 5 teams all played well, with St Edmund’s teams only losing to other St Edmund’s teams throughout the day. Congratulations to team 1 and team 4 who went through the regular competition undefeated. A huge thanks to Henry Meggitt, Will Girvan, Ben Martens and Joe Humphries (Year 10 students) and Mr O’Rourke for their great leadership and coaching on the day.

ACT U12 Futsal Carnival – On Thursday 28 July St Edmund’s competed in the ACT (U12) ACT Schools Futsal titles. They played very well recording three wins and a draw in the rounds and narrowly losing 1-0 in the quarterfinals. A great effort. Thank you to Robert Wright for coaching the team and for his organisation in the lead up to the event. Also, I would like to highlight two members of the team that were asked to represent the ACT at the National titles, to be held later in the year in Brisbane. These players were Byron Wright and Isaac Iirilli.

Reminder of Covid-19 protocols

  • Physical distancing should be maintained where possible
  • Students and visitors must not attend school sites if they are unwell and will be sent home if they show any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Visitors and students should at all times maintain appropriate hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Although we encourage visitors to wear masks on school sites, they are not required
  • We ask parents to let the school know via principal@stedmunds.act.edu.auif their child/re-test positive for COVID-19 to help us in our planning

At this stage we will continue to invite parents/carers to community events/assemblies, etc. We will continue to communicate any adjustments as we respond to any new information that becomes available. Please note that the following decision has been made by the College Leadership Team in relation to Year 5 camp.

Year 5 Camp Postponement  – this camp was due to take place in Week 6 (22-24 August) this term. Given advice that this period may represent the peak (or the back end) of a Covid-19 wave, and our ability to secure another date, we have moved the Year 5 Camp to the 17-19 October (Term 4, Week 2). The new date hopefully represents better weather to assist in ventilation of the accommodation and increased enjoyment for the students, parent volunteers and staff members. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but we have decided to err on the side of caution for the safety of our school community.

Pupil Free Days – Friday 12 August, Friday 9 September and Moderation Day 2, Thursday 18 August – Please note that the school has decided to enact the scheduled pupil free days canvassed by Mr Garrity in communication at the beginning of the term. The reason for these extra two pupil free days is to manage teacher workload and offer the opportunity for a circuit-breaker as we manage the ongoing challenges associated with staff shortages due to Covid-19 isolations. Teachers will be involved in professional learning on Moderation Day and planning/programming on the scheduled pupil free days.

BOOKWEEK (Week 6) – On Thursday 25 August all students in the Junior School will have the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character. They will then participate in a parade to celebrate books and reading. This is a fun event which everyone is encouraged to be involved in so start preparing your costume soon. The theme is ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’.

Homework Club – Mr Kelly will be running homework club from Weeks 1-9 this term on Tuesdays/Wednesdays. Please email him dkelly@stedmunds.act.edu.au with a day’s notice should you wish to book your son/s in.

Hair Policy – Thank you to all parents/carers for keeping your son/s haircuts in line with the school’s uniform and hair policy. At times barbers may make mistakes. If they are informed of their mistake, many will fix the haircut (in line with our policy) at no extra charge. Could I please ask that all parents/carers familiarise themselves with the hair policy so that students can get about their daily work without teacher’s asking them about their haircuts. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Hair should be kept neat, tidy and clean at all times and not grown or styled into an extreme or exaggerated fashion.

Hair should be above the shoulder in length (above the bottom of the school shirt collar) and no shorter than a number ‘two’.

Students are not allowed to have lines or designs shaved into their hair nor grow long sections of hair that can be fashioned into ‘top buns’, plaits, dreadlocks, braids, ‘rats tails’, ‘mohawks’ or ‘mullets’ etc.

Hair should be evenly graded and/or blended, of natural colour, warn off the face and should not obstruct sight. Hair requiring to be tied back off the face may be necessary but only as a low bun.

David Kelly
Assistant Principal – Junior School