Junior School News: Week 6, Term 3, 2020

Last week our Year 5 students had a wonderful time during their alternate camp program here at school. Thanks to Mr Bell and Ms Cusack for all of their work in making it a fun and enjoyable few days. A special mention to ‘smartie transfer competition’ winner Sean Montgomery who transferred his smarties in a school record time of 7 seconds and to Royce Clayton for his nail biting win in the flick footy tournament, narrowly defeating Alexander Paras in the Grand Final. The treasure hunt winners worked well as a cohesive unit. Congratulations to Ezra Taiatini, Jack Godwin, Jesse Ruckert, Ethan Dixon and Henry Farfan. Year 4 are scheduled to have their camp in Term 4 and we will look to make a decision about whether it goes ahead prior to the end of this term.

Father’s Day Mass

For the first time last year this event was whole school and all fathers/grandfathers and guardians were welcome. However, it looks most likely this year we will need to celebrate Father’s Day online. Please keep a look out on social media for any items in this space.

Moderation Day – Literacy Professional Learning

Please note that Junior School teachers were involved in 6 hours of professional learning on this day, mainly focused on the teaching of spelling but also with a focus on setting/re-setting individual literacy targets for every student in Junior School. We know this year has been difficult but our aim is to keep parents/carers as updated as possible regarding their son’s academic progress. Ensuring parents/carers and students are aware of individualised targets will help with literacy and numeracy progression. These targets will prove a very powerful tool for improvement. Your son’s class teacher will share these with you via an assessment folder or similar by the end of Term 3. Please don’t hesitate to contact your son’s teacher if you would like to know more about the assessment folders and academic targets. Note that the assessment folders are not beautified portfolios of your son’s best work, they are actual assessment results and demonstrate real student progress and work produced in class.

Day 10 Sports Day – Just a reminder that each Day 10 (so even week Fridays) each year group has a sports session that can last up to two periods. On this day (and any day he has PE class scheduled) your son is to wear full College PE uniform. Please assist us in ensuring your son has correct College socks, track pants or shorts, PE shirt and PE jacket. When everyone one wears the full uniform it looks pretty sharp but this falls away quickly with every students who is missing part of the uniform.

Experience Eddies Day – Monday 7 September (Monday Term 3, Week 8) – Just a quick note about this day in case any families have interested friends or family with boys aged from Year 3 to Year 5 this year. The day is designed for prospective students to come and try Eddies for a day. Details on how to book can be found on the College website.

David Kelly
Assistant Principal – Junior School

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