Junior School News: Week 9, Term 1, 2020

Junior School News: Week 9, Term 1, 2020

This week our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in our community adversely affected by this difficult time, particularly those who have endured crippling restrictions to their work or employment. The College wishes to support all families to the best of our ability during this time so please reach out if you think we can support your family in any way. Our online teaching and learning program has commenced and, despite a few teething issues which were to be expected, we feel like the majority of our students have a good handle on what will be required each day for the remainder of Term 1. I would like to thank our teachers for assisting your sons with the transition to online learning – no easy feat. Parents/carers have obviously been required to provide support in this area also so I thank you very much. Most class conferences seem to going well. Please note there is a link to the Canvas for Parents page below which contains lots of useful information: https://sec.instructure.com/courses/3552/pages/canvas-for-parents


Wellbeing One of the most vital aspects of daily school life is the wellbeing of our students. In Junior School, this is looked after by our classroom teachers in the first instance. We recognise that this new environment will test the wellbeing of our students, staff and parents/carers but we want to ensure that our connection stays as strong as it possibly can.

As we all become accustomed to a new way of teaching and learning, we are conscious of the need for flexibility and we encourage students to complete their work in an order that suits their family circumstances and maintains healthy minds and wellbeing. Normally, a six hour school day has many different facets, including whole class discussions, explicit teaching time, play and group work. Expectations of primary-aged students working solidly on school work for the whole day is not sustainable or healthy. We will be attempting to provide time for students to connect to those in their household and also online with teachers and friends. We need to provide time for them to move and be physically active and also to have quality family time.

As the boys get used to the Canvas platform and we iron out any teething issues, please spend some time in the morning setting up your son’s daily schedule. Most of it will be on Canvas but time spent helping to setup their day should bring clarity for them and some reward (as in time to yourself) later in the day.

Your son’s diary has some useful wellbeing activities and Junior School staff are also aware of the need to set activities with wellbeing in mind.

If you are worried about your son’s wellbeing during this time, please feel free to contact his class teacher, David Kelly, or Linda James (College Counsellor). We are available to support our Junior School students. We can make contact via conferencing or over the phone.


David Kelly (dkelly@stedmunds.act.edu.au)

The College Counsellor, Linda James, is available to provide advice or support. Linda can be contacted at: lijames@stedmunds.act.edu.au

Beyond Blue has some really helpful advice to help you support your sons during this difficult time:



Book Fair Summary – Thank you to all parents/carers and students who have supported our book fair. It was a resounding success and as a result we now have $408 to spend on new books for our library. Thank you to Mr Vayo for his organisation of this event.


School Swimming Age Champions. Congratulations to the following boys for winning the age championship at our recent Junior School Swimming Carnival.

9 years –           Roman Spano

10 years –         Darcy Borghouts

11 years –         Thomas Keillor

12 years –          Marcus White

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