Learning Tips in Isolation

Learning Tips in Isolation

As we continue with the online learning it is important that we put things in place so we can get the best out of this difficult situation we find ourselves in.  It is not only the students we as a school are concerned about, it is the parents and the boarder St Edmund’s community that need support.  The tips below will assist everyone.

  1. Focus on what you can do. By focusing on what we can do will provide a calm environment and will assist your son in focusing on what he can achieve. If your son sees that you are anxious and not handling situations in a clam manner, he may start felling this way as well.   Talk about what is making them anxious and look at what steps you can put in place to help them prepare for times when they are feeling anxious.
  2. Maintaining a daily routine. Keeping a daily routine will create predictability and reduce anxiety.  This can be done in a number of ways depending on your son’s age.  The most important would be to make sure they get up every day at the same time, and follow a routine they would normally when going to school. This may be an opportunity to start a new routine that will assist your son when school is back.
  3. Staying connected. It is very important that your son stays connected with his friends and other family members.  There are a number of digital platforms this can be achieved.  This should also be a part of the daily routine.
  4. Staying active. This is very important as the boys will be sitting at a desk for 5-6 hours a day attending their online timetabled classes.  When at school the boys would be moving at the end of the lesson, walking to their next class or running around outside during recess and lunch.  This needs to be replicated at school with your son being active by going for a walk, jumping on the trampoline or riding a bike.  The boys are very creative where they can create their own physical activity.

The most important thing is to look after ourselves and maintain a sense of calm, keep an eye on your sleeping, eat well, spend time doing activities you enjoy.  It won’t be long until we are back at school.

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Stay safe

David Mead
Head of Clancy House

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