Library News – End of Term 4, 2020

Library Books & Textbooks

As we have come to the end of the year, all students should have returned their 2020 textbooks and library books to the Senior Library. Library staff are busily preparing the books for the new school year, cleaning, repairing any damage and ordering replacements if needed.

A final notice for overdue books was sent on Monday. This notice is a reminder for books that your son hasn’t returned to the Library. Please contact Library staff if you have any questions about the notice. Any books that turn up during the holidays should be returned on the first day back in 2021. Books borrowed for the holidays should be returned during the first week of Term 1. If you are not returning to St Edmund’s, books may be returned to the Library or the Front Office up to 18 December 2020 or from 25 January 2021 to Front Reception.

Public Library Membership

Even if you never regularly visit a public library, it is free to be a member and can be very useful. Holding a public library membership card allows you access to online reference resources not available to the general public. This access can save a lot of time and last minute panic when assignments are due. The ACT Public Library also has a large number of audio books that are available to borrow for students who require a little bit of extra support with their literacy. So, if you have some spare time in the holidays investigate joining your local public library and their online resources.

You’ll be surprised what’s on offer!

This year sees us farewell a long-standing member of the Library staff. Sue Phelan is retiring after 10 years at St Edmund’s College. We will miss her amazing knowledge of all things Library, her book recommendations and her sense of humour. We wish Sue all the very best.

Lisa Millar
Head of Library & Information Resources

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