Principal’s Message: Term 4, Week 6, 2019

Principal’s Message: Term 4, Week 6, 2019

To the friends and families of the St Edmund’s community,

Vibrant Spirit.  Strong Character.  Tailored Learning

Year 12 Final Week
I congratulate all of our Year 12 students for finishing in an outstanding manner last week – their last week of lessons.  Throughout the year Ms Gair, Mr Monagle and I have been working with Year 12 students to ensure that they finished the year in in a respectful and dignified manner, maintaining the “right relationships” that they have developed over the past few years and moving away from the “muck up” mentality.  I could not have been more pleased in the way Year 12 travelled through their last week. They engaged in the activities we organised for them throughout the week in a positive and meaningful way, and their last day was especially significant and touching with the House Farewells. I cannot be more proud of our fine young men for finishing respectfully, ensuring that fellow students and staff remember them for their positive contributions to the school rather than the undignified and disrespectful actions associated with “muck up”.  Our Year 12 students clearly demonstrated the College Mission Statement of being young men of vibrant spirit and strong character.  It has truly been a privilege for me to work with Year 12 over the last two years.  I very much look forward to their formal farewell on Graduation Day (Friday 29 November).

Interfaith Dinner
Last Friday evening St Edmund’s College hosted an interfaith dinner in collaboration with the Islamic School of Canberra.  The event had a focus of Peace in both religious traditions, with guest speakers Fr Dan Benedetti and Imam Adam Kando exploring the concept of peace in the sacred texts and practices of Christianity and Islam. The event was carried out in the context of sharing a meal with staff and students of both schools, and was beautifully catered by the Hospitality team of St Edmund’s College (with my sincere thanks to Ms Rebecca Jarman and Mr Alex Hausen and our wonderful Hospitality students). The interfaith dinner was held to further develop the friendly informal partnership between the two schools as well as to take up Pope Francis’ call to Catholics to promote interreligious dialogue and understanding, and to deepen personal connections among lay people of different religions. The previous week we hosted an athletics carnival on our grounds for all students from the Islamic School. I am excited that St Edmund’s College and the Islamic School of Canberra are leading the way in the ACT for school-based interreligious dialogue and look forward to our friendship and partnership growing and developing through the next few years through a range of different activities. My thanks to Mr Michael Monagle (Assistant Principal, Mission & Identity) and Ms Rachel Lemon (Executive Assistant) for their significant contributions to the organisation of this most important function.

The Uniform Shop is taking orders for new items of uniform for next year.  Parents are strongly advised to book an appointment to have your son measured and appropriate items ordered.  It is advised that you make this booking as soon as possible rather than leaving it to the end of the year or early next year (even if you only need to replace a couple of items of uniform).   Please see the flyer that has been included with this week’s Vortex and please contact the uniform shop directly for any further enquiries.

St Edmund’s College has a very flexible policy around haircuts which is highly appreciated by many of our students and parents.  We have however a small number of students who are exploiting this policy by having unacceptable and extreme haircuts.  Please note that we will not accept “mullet” style haircuts or similar.  Students with extreme haircuts or unacceptable haircuts will be expected to have their hair rectified as soon as possible.

Look with compassion, O Lord, on the whole human family, whom you have made in your image and according to your likeness. Take away the arrogance, fear, and hatred which infect our hearts. Break down the walls that separate us, and unite us in bonds of love.

Open the borders of our hearts and minds, and guide us in the way of holy friendships, that we may learn to better love you, one another, and ourselves.

Give wisdom, creativity, and perseverance to all who work for unity, peace, concord, and the freedom of all people. Guide the leaders of our religious traditions and the nations of the world in the ways of your peace and justice.

Grant us inquiring minds, searching hearts, and curious spirits that we might deepen our own faith by learning of your ways from those who differ from us.

 All these many things we pray with thanksgiving in your Holy name. Amen.

Blessed Edmund Rice, pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Christus Lux Mea
Joe Zavone (College Principal)


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