Principal’s Message: Week 4, Term 3, 2019

Principal’s Message: Week 4, Term 3, 2019

To the friends and families of the St Edmund’s Community,

Vibrant Spirit.  Strong Character.  Tailored Learning.

Last Sunday’s Gospel reading, Luke 12:32-40, has as its focus the concept of being prepared for the second coming of Christ.  Whilst this can have many complex theological understandings, I prefer to share with you a very simple interpretation of the reading.  The Gospel gives the example that a servant should always be in readiness for the return of his master; always being dressed for action and always having a lamp lit.  This should be an everyday, common occurrence, not just happening when the servant has knowledge of the master’s arrival. A simple interpretation of this tells us that we should always be displaying our values as people of God, not just in church on a Sunday or when we have a teacher or parent or guest in our presence.  We should always strive to display and animate our values in the way we treat each other; in our relationships with the people around us; and in our compassion to those who are marginalised and suffering.  These are not things that can be or should be switched on and off at will – these are things that form the very core of who we are as Christians, the things that form our character and the things we should be doing on a daily, regular basis.  This character is formed by what we do, not only what we say.  It is in “doing” that we demonstrate the true nature of ourselves to others, and this “doing” must be authentic and genuine. It is seen in our words and actions every minute of every day, not in selective situations. This is the foundation of what we try to instil in our young men here at St Edmund’s.  We strive to develop young men of vibrant spirit and strong character, and if we as a College are doing this authentically then it is not only through our pastoral programs that we aim to achieve this.  This is achieved through out daily words and actions so the young men in our care have a real and tangible experience of a group of adults who animate their values in all that they do and say, regardless of whether we are in the chapel or an RE class, on the oval or in the gym, in our classroom or on an excursion. In this context, we are being prepared for one another; to serve one another in the best way possible.

Over the past few weeks we have had two members of staff experience the death of their fathers. Both Mr Joel Richardson and Mr Ross Bristow have recently lost their fathers.  Our deepest sympathies go out to them and their families.
Eternal rest, grant unto them O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Congratulations to Gus Shepherd (Year 12, Treacy) who has been selected in the Australian Men’s Country Team for the 21st Panasonic Asia Pacific Water Polo Tournament in Hong Kong. This is taking place at the moment.  This is a great achievement for Gus and we wish him the very best.

I hope that most members of our community have now familiarised themselves with our social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.  The Facebook page in particular is proving to be a wonderful profile of our students and our College, with a different theme for each day.  If you have not caught up with us on Facebook I suggest that you do so in order to see the vast array of the achievements and actions of our vibrant student body.  My thanks to Ms Emma Bacchetto for doing a marvellous job in curating our Facebook page.  I would also suggest that you become familiar with the Facebook page of the Old Boys and Friends Association where many community events are highlighted and old boys’ achievements are profiled

It is not often that I would recommend a television series to our community, but I must recommend a current Australian series which deals with issues so relevant to young people today. “The Hunting” is a four-part Australian series on SBS that deals with the sensitive but very significant topic of adolescent sexting and sharing of inappropriate content through social media and internet sites. The series deals with the far-reaching, devastating consequences of the sharing of inappropriate materials on four adolescents, their friends, their families and their school environments.  This is done in a realistic manner.  It also examines the issue of consent and the nature of gender responsibilities.  I would recommend all parents to watch this series, ideally with their sons, and engage with their sons in a frank and open discussion about the themes and messages of the series. The series can be confronting at times, but it is through this confrontation that the messages are best delivered.

The following article from the SBS website discusses the important messages of the series and makes some suggestions as to approaches parents can take in how to watch this with their children.

The series is halfway through its four episode run, but it can streamed on SBS On Demand.  I cannot recommend this highly enough.  It is a problem that is relevant and more common than most parents believe.  Having worked in both girls schools and boys schools, I can state with certainly that the series does not exaggerate the problem. Here at St Edmund’s College, we have a series of programs in place that deal with the sharing of inappropriate material on social media, but the very core of this message must originate from the home environment.


Our incoming uniform provider (Ranier) has indicated that the uniform shop will be reopening for limited hours from Monday 23 September (last week of Term 3). Whilst not being fully stocked at that time, a fit range will be available for the shop manager to provide a fitting to ensure students order the correct size in each item.  Orders can be placed in store at the time of having the fitting conducted or online from your home or work. An SMS notification will be provided when the order items arrive in-store.

Opening dates and times (last week Term 3 2019):
Monday 23 September: 8.00 am-11.00 am
Wednesday 25 September: 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm (this is different to the times published last week)

Hours for Term 4 2019:
Mondays   8.00 am – 12.00 pm
Wednesdays    2.00 pm – 6.00 pm (this is different to the times published last week)
Fridays     8.00 am – 12.00 pm

Second hand uniforms
Ranier will also take over the second hand uniform collection.  You may wish continue to donate your second hand uniform items or you may wish to sell them on consignment (i.e. turning your pre-loved uniforms into cash).  To assist the St Edmund’s community in the lead up to the uniform stock arriving, Ranier will sell your pre-loved items in store. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Wash and iron your pre-loved uniform
  2. Determine your sale price
  3. Deliver to the uniform shop with your banking details
  4. Ranier will sell your items and deposit 70% of the sale price into your account (30% fee to cover admin costs)

Please note that the second hand uniform items that have been already donated to the College will remain as donations.  They cannot be retrospectively sold on consignment.  Families in need are still encouraged to communicate directly with the College regarding second hand uniform item arrangements.

The components which comprise the St Edmund’s College uniform have various lead times for production. Ranier is unable to provide exact dates for each arrival. Enquire at the uniform shop for more information from Monday 23 September.

We invite all fathers, grandfathers, uncles and carers to celebrate Father’s Day with us. The College is hosting a Father’s Day Mass and Morning Tea on Friday 30 August (in the Chapel at 9.20).  Your son will be able to attend the Mass as well, so come along and enjoy a very special event where we celebrate fatherhood and relationships. Please RSVP by Monday 26 August.  Please search for the event on our Facebook page or click on this link:

“He opens his arms to the poor and reaches his hands to the needy” (Proverbs 31:20)
Last week was Homelessness Week – an annual week to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face and the action needed to achieve enduring solutions.  Mr Michael Monagle, our Assistant Principal of Mission and Identity, has organised our second annual “Sleep Out” for this coming Friday (16 August).  Students from Year 4 – 12 will sleep in the College gym and be given an opportunity to become more informed about the issues that homeless people face every day.  Students will spend time individually and in small groups, discussing and reflecting on what they can do to improve the lives of others in need.  This is an important activity, promoting empathy and discernment, two qualities which are important particularly at this time of our cold Canberra winter.  The sleep out will provide support to HOME in Queanbeyan.

St Edmund’s College Prayer
Dear Lord,
Grant that we may live each day to the full, inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Let us cast away all worries and concerns into your divine care.
Christus Lux Mea

Give us strength to confront all challenges that we face with hope and faith.
Let our community seek truth in all that we search for.
Christus Lux Mea

Let us stand for others always giving generously without counting the cost.

Blessed Edmund Rice, pray for us.
Live Jesus in our Hearts, forever.

Christus Lux Mea
Joe Zavone (College Principal)