Principal’s Message: Week 8, Term 3, 2018

Principal’s Message: Week 8, Term 3, 2018

To the family and friends of St Edmund’s College,

Winter Sport

Our winter sport season is well and truly winding up – Football (Soccer) and Rugby Union had their final games last weekend and Basketball is finishing up this weekend.   Whilst we have had a range of wins and losses, I must say very clearly and loudly that I am extremely proud of all of our boys in their conduct on the field and in the stands.  Our boys have demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship and we need to wear this firmly as a great badge of honour.

Eddies Forum

As you are aware each term we have an Eddies Forum where parents gather together and discuss topics and issues relevant to their sons’ education.  I am also conscious of the number of times we ask parents to be at College events after working hours.  The Eddies Forum for Terms 3 and 4 are being replaced by forums here at the College organised by external agencies on topics that will be of great interest and concern to our parents. On the evening of Monday 24 September at 7.30 pm (this term), Dr Kristy Goodwin, a digital parenting educator, author and researcher will deliver research-based information to parents about the overwhelming and confusing task of raising young children and adolescents in a digital world. Dr Kristy will arm parents with simple strategies to manage screen-time at home without tears and tantrums and without having to constantly fret about their online safety. On the evening of Thursday 18 October at 6.00 pm, in collaboration with the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese, St Edmund’s will host a documentary viewing of “Over 18”, educating parents on the prevalence & accessibility of online pornography as well as effects such as addiction and the damage pornography can cause including the objectification and abuse of women and children.  These two significant events will replace the Eddies Forums for the rest of this year.

Special Request from the Principal

There are many areas of the College in need of refreshing and refurbishing.  Whilst we would like to undertake all tasks ourselves, the reality is that the current situation of the College prohibits us from being able to afford such an undertaking and we will probably not be in a position to afford this work for quite a while.

At the moment, we are supporting families on fee concessions to a very significant and substantial amount.  I say this not as a criticism but just as the reality – as a school in the Edmund Rice tradition, we need to support our families in need and we will certainly never deny students an enrolment at the College because of financial circumstances.  We also have a large number of parents who for one reason or another are not meeting any of their fee payment requirements.

I am conscious that our students desperately need and deserve clean and contemporary spaces to make the best of their learning opportunities.  I would like to tap into the generosity and expertise of our wider community to undertake some of this necessary work sooner rather than later.  I am hoping to create a register of services and/or products that our community could donate and offer us at particular times.

Some of these services may include:

·   plumbing

·   electrical

·   construction

·   painting

·   carpeting

·   interior design consultancy

·   sewing

·   building consultancy

·   transport

Some examples of products may include:

·   window coverings (blinds, curtains)

·   paint

·   carpet

·   electrical

·   plumbing

·   construction materials (e.g. plasterboard)

·   sound and lighting equipment

·   mini bus

Educational services may include:

·   excursion venues

·   guest speakers in specific fields

·   work experience or apprenticeship opportunities

·   tertiary partnerships

·   specialist equipment (e.g. Science, TAS, Music, etc.).

I would ask that if you are in a position to be able to donate services and/or products to the College to contact the Principal’s Secretary on with the appropriate details and we will add you to our register.

You may prefer to make extra contributions to our building fund.  At a basic level, each family is asked to contribute $250 per term to the College Building Fund. This payment is voluntary and tax deductible.  The Building Fund finances the maintenance and refurbishment of the College’s facilities. The current funds available in our Building Fund are not nearly enough for us to maintain and refurbish the College at the level which our students deserve.  Contributions to the Building Fund can be made via this link to the online payment system on the College website.

I would ask members of our community to consider donating services and/or products only if you are in a position to do so.  Similarly, I would ask our community to consider making extra payments to our Building Fund only if families are in a position to do so.  I thank you for your consideration of the requests in this message.  I am very much wanting to serve our students in the best way possible in demonstrating in a genuine and tangible manner that St Edmund’s continues to be a growing, thriving and successful learning community.

65th Anniversary Special Old Boys’ Projects

As part of our 65th Anniversary in 2019, I was hoping to tap into the depth of talent and skill of our family of old boys for two key projects.

  • Brother Don Gallagher Studio – the original Br Don Gallagher Studio was originally constructed and fitted out by a group of old boys for Br Don’s use. We are hoping to refurbish and recommission this space as an archival/exhibition/meeting space in memory of Br Don and continue the legacy of having old boys outfit the space.  I would ask any old boys who would like to offer their services and products in the refurbishment of this space to please contact
  • Michael Moloney Grandstand – I was hoping that as part of the College’s 65th Anniversary celebrations, we could have a group of old boys with a particular connection to rugby union to refurbish parts of the Michael Moloney Grandstand. Areas of refurbishment could include the long room, the change rooms, the toilets and the canteen area. I would ask any old boys who would like to offer their services and products in the refurbishment of some of these spaces to please contact the Principal’s Secretary on

Loving God,
You are present to us whenever two or more of us gather in your name.
You call us to be a community.
You remind us that we gather as a community of faith.
You tell us that whenever we gather in your name, you are with us.
Help us to celebrate your presence in our community.
We are signs of your presence in our world whenever we witness
to your love and compassion,
to your kindness and care,
to your hospitality and service
and to your justice and peace.
Strengthen us for the work of community building.

Blessed Edmund Rice, pray for us.
Live Jesus in our Hearts, forever.

Christus Lux Mea

Joe Zavone (College Principal)