Snow Sports - Interschools Snow Sports Championships

Snow Sports – Interschools Snow Sports Championships

Week 1 of this term saw the St Edmund’s Snow Sports Team travel to Perisher Ski Resort for the annual ACT and Southern NSW Interschools Snow Sports Championships. The Championships ran from Wednesday the 24th of August through to Friday the 26th of August and included events in Moguls, Alpine Slalom and Skier-Cross for the Skiers and Alpine Slalom and Snowboard-Cross for the Snowboarders. St Edmund’s had students participating in every division, from Division 5 (Year 3-4) through to Division 1 (Year 11-12).

Initially on arrival to our accommodation in Jindabyne on the Tuesday night we had feared that we could be in for a tough 3 days, with winds reaching up to 100 km/hour sweeping through the mountains.   Thankfully as we started our day on the Wednesday the winds had died down and we were greeted by bright blue skies and a fresh dusting of snow on an already building base.

Day 1 saw the running of all of the Snowboard events (Alpine Slalom and Snowboard-Cross) and the Moguls events for division 1, 2 and 3. Results from the day were as follows;

Snowboard Cross

  • Division 1 – Ben Vizard 7th and Harry Cotter 28th (Team 9th)
  • Division 2 – Liam Pepper 25th, Caleb Quinn 46th, Lachlan Ogden 51st (Team 15th)
  • Division 4 – Damien Wagstaff 31st
  • Division 5 – Mason McKay 8th

Snowboard Alpine Slalom

  • Division 1 – Harry Cotter 21st
  • Division 2 – Caleb Quinn 43rd, Liam Pepper 44th and Lachlan Ogden 47th
  • Division 4 – Damien Wagstaff 23rd
  • Division 5 – Mason McKay 10th


  • Division 1 – Aedan Billiards 7th
  • Division 2 – Rohan O’Grady 11th
  • Division 3 – Aidyn McKay 8th

On day 2 the majority of skiing events got underway with the Skier-Cross commencing for divisions 1, 2, and 3 and the Skier Alpine Slalom for divisions 4 and 5. Results from the day were as follows;


  • Division 1 – Hayden Pepper 18th and John Larkin 23rd (Team 8th)
  • Division 2 – Henry Alsworth 52nd, Hunter Harlor 56th and Rhys Robinson 57th (Team 17th)
  • Division 3 – Aidyn McKay 12th, Kalen Billiards 47th and James Egan 70th (Team 10th)

Skier Alpine Slalom

  • Division 4 – Austin Nutall 44th and Damien Wagstaff 69th

On the final day the skiers switched disciplines with all of the high school entrants moving to Alpine Slalom and all of the junior school students moving to Skier-Cross. Here are the results from the last day;

Skier Alpine Slalom

  • Division 1 – Hayden Pepper 21st and John Larkin 23rd
  • Division 2 – Rohan O’Grady 29th, Rhys Robinson 47th, Hunter Harlor 52nd and Henry Alsworth 53rd (Team 10th)
  • Division 3 – Aidyn McKay 8th, Kalen Billiards 40th and James Egan 67th (Team 10th)


  • Division 4 – Austin Nutall 38th and Damien Wagstaff 77th (Team 10th)

A great few days of racing had by all students and all students can be really proud of the way they represented the College. A few of the students are currently in position to possibly qualify for the Interschool’s National event and we hope that after all results are in they will have qualified.

In finishing I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Macarthur and Mr Balmarks for their attendance and assistance with helping to run the trip. To Mr Andrew Nutall and Phil McKay for their assistance while away with the team. To all of the parents who made their way down to Perisher to support the students in their competitions. Finally a BIG thank you to Jason Pepper, Cassandra Pepper and Erika Wagstaff and the team at Canberra Consultancy for the donation of the new team ski jackets. The students were wrapped to receive them and proud to wear the St Edmund’s colours throughout the Championships.