Spare a thought for the Heads of House

Spare a thought for the Heads of House

Over the last 21 years teaching at St Edmunds College, I have had the pleasure of being an assistant yr. co-ordinator and/or assistant Head of house for over 15 of those years, these are just some observations from my time at nearly the top of Pastoral care, of the people who perform countless hours of service to the students and the college.

From yr. 7 to yr. 12, your son relies on the efforts of 6 people to make sure from the time they leave your house in the morning, arrive at the college to the time they get home, their care and wellbeing is provided for.

From that talk in yr.7 from Menslink, about the issues of mental health, to the time at yr.12 Graduation mass and dinner when your son hugs and thanks you for just being there, you can thank a Head of House.

Remember that time your son had a fun and adventure at Tuross with his friends from school? Heads of house do as well, from about 6.00 am to about 12.00pm each day on camp. From the swimming carnival to athletics, and everything in between, those magnificent 6 constantly try to make the time your sons spend at the college, one of safety and enjoyment.

The role of HOH is not about position at the college, or the pay check it brings…it is about a genuine concern about the pastoral care and wellbeing of your sons at the college, and the type of young man they grow to be. It is at times a thankless job, the one who gives out detentions, makes you stay in at lunch and the one who only calls your parents when you do something wrong.

This is true however they are the ones whom students confide in, with conversations they could not have with parents or guardians, they listen intently with the troubles of adolescents and are there to provide a shoulder, for a tear to be shed in times of grief.

So next time your son comes home happy or grumpy, spare a thought for a Head of House.

Fred Zarb (House Assistant: Clancy and Mulrooney)