St Edmund's College Chaplaincy Program

St Edmund’s College Chaplaincy Program

St Edmund’s College delivers a Chaplaincy Program which aims to contribute to the spiritual, social and emotional well-being of our students. It also assists the College’s Religious Education and Retreat Programs so the College can live out its calling to advance the Catholic Identity and faith formation of staff and students, in the Edmund Rice Tradition.

In 2020 we welcome the return of Fr Dan Benedetti and Fr Rembert Thomas. Returning students will be familiar with both as they performed chaplaincy services and other duties in last. In 2020 Fr Dan and Fr Rem will participate in a range of functions, events and programs, including:

  • College Masses and Liturgies;
  • College Camps and Retreats;
  • College Missions to Indigenous Community (Northern Territory) Colleges;
  • Social Justice Programs;
  • College celebrations, ceremonies and events; and,
  • Youth Ministry Program provided by the College.

Our Chaplains are also supported by our Youth Minister Hayden Pepper. Hayden graduated from St Edmund’s last year and will have a positive impact because of his ability to communicate effectively in facilitating group activities during our retreat program. He has taken this year off from study and is hoping to use this year to give himself more time to contemplate his next step. St Edmund’s is lucky to have someone of his calibre at the College for 2020 and we look forward to watching him work with all students in the College.

This program is possible largely to the support provided by the National School Chaplaincy Program which is delivered via the ACT Education Directorate.

If you have any questions about the College’s Chaplaincy Program please do not hesitate to contact me.

Michael Monagle
Assistant Principal – Mission and Identity

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