Student Tour to Nanzan College Japan

Student Tour to Nanzan College Japan

An exciting moment in the journey of a language learner is the first time they set foot on foreign soil and put their skills to the test. During the winter break 13 students studying Japanese at St Edmund’s had just that opportunity, participating on the Japan trip.

The students left Canberra on Friday July 5, and took an overnight flight from Sydney to Tokyo. From Tokyo they took the bullet train straight to Osaka for 4 nights. The highlights were watching a Japanese professional baseball game at Osaka Dome, seeing the amazing Todaiji temple and deer in Nara Park (located in Canberra’s sister city, Nara), and of course visiting Universal Studios Japan.

Sitting in seiza position after a kendo lesson

The next stop was Nagasaki where the students participated on homestay, gaining insight into Japanese school and home life, staying 6 nights with a Japanese family and visiting classes at Nanzan College. This was a wonderful opportunity for some of the students who have hosted in the past to renew relationships, and to build new ones. Nagasaki is a very special city and we are lucky to have such a great school to hold exchanges with.

 Eddies Boys sing the school song at assembly

Lunchtime at Nanzan College

The trip ended with 2 nights shopping and sightseeing before flying back to Australia. A trip like this is a wonderful experience in the life of a young man and I hope the students who went are inspired to continue their Japanese study and set their sights high. I would like to thank Yuko Leffers and Oliver Burke for leading the trip and looking after our students so well, and to the College Leadership Team for encouraging and supporting our growing exchange with Nanzan College. I would also like to thank all the families involved in past exchanges for their efforts in building something special.

We now look forward to March 2020 when Nanzan College will visit us again.

PE Class at Nanzan College