Student Wellbeing: Week 3, Term 1, 2020

Student Wellbeing: Week 3, Term 1, 2020

Welcome back to the 2020 school year.

I draw the attention of all members of the College community in regards to some aspects of safety and student wellbeing  in and around the College.

  1. NO PARKING requirements are enforced by the ACT Government in and around the College precinct – this includes the median strip on Canberra Avenue.
  2. During the school day  –  many roads in and around the College vicinity are subject to speed and access restrictions. These too, are enforced the ACT Police
  3. When students arrive at the College in the morning – the expectation is to move directly on to College grounds and to remain there for the duration of the school day unless otherwise exempted.
  4. It is a legal requirement that parents and carers of the students they are responsible for, attend school. Parents and carers must ensure their children attend school every day it is open and provide an explanation for every absence, including late attendance. Please be aware that yard supervision does not begin until 8:30am.
  5. The College is legally required to report to the appropriate government agencies data on student attendance and non-attendance, including specific information regarding those students that have an unsatisfactory attendance record. In order for any student to make a meaningful contribution to College life and to thrive in his academic studies, he must consistently attend school and maintain an accurate attendance record.
  6. The school grounds, for the purpose of information are as follows:
    • The Canberra Campus of St Edmund’s College is bounded by Canberra Avenue, McMillan Avenue, Wills Street, Throsby Crescent, Frome Street and Barrallier Street.

Pat Langtry
Assistant Principal – Student Wellbeing