Students Excel in Semester One

Students Excel in Semester One

Celebrating the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

The College was proud to announce and recognise the Semester One Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for academic and application excellence at the recent College and Year Assemblies. These awards recognise the exceptional academic achievements and outstanding application to studies that students have displayed throughout 2019.

Each student who received an award, either Gold, Silver or Bronze should be extremely proud of their diligent approach and focus to their studies and are encouraged to continue these in Semester Two.

The following students are congratulated on receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards:

Gold Awards Silver Awards Bronze Awards
John   Larkin

Baden Godfrey

Patrick Burns

Rory Forbes

Lachlan McLeod

Symon Miguel Refuerzo

Luka Berquist

Roy Kuchel

Tristan Borghouts

Andrew McFarlane

Joshua Hobbs

Leyao Zha

Leo Blaney Brown

Nicholas Paras

Samuel Greenwood

Toby Francis

Richard Alvarez Baumann

Lawson Burn

Patrick McFarlane

Daniel  Fisher

Callum Hicks

Samuel Skvorc

Oscar  Luksza

Damian Jelfs-Smith

Mason Evans-Billington

James  Tually

Samuel Sergi

Liam Burke

Noyal  Saji

James Olney

Isaac  Messina

William Bate

Joshua Wink

Joseph McBride

Andre  Jugovac

Callum Carniel

Andrew Barr

Benjamin Ward

Benjamin Morrison

Benjaman Morris

Lachlan Vearing

Matthew McGrath

Hayden Martinussen

Liam Spence

Wynn Hickey

Aaron Girmay

Jonah Anderson

Thomas Henningsen

Aedan Ryan

Jay Horan

Benjamin Francis

Tristan Fox

Kaurehe Rakai Murray

Lachlan O’Neill

Alexander Green

Hunter Harlor

Lincoln Church

Lachlan Brayshaw

Joshua Bryce

Cody Bryce

Fletcher Harrison

Timothy Brunton

Jackson Burns

Rosario Trimboli

Tyler Greenhalgh

Thomas Hatchman

Ryan Hoare

Ben Stonehouse

Pearce Bullpitt-Troy

Luke Sakamoto

Ryan Navin

Marijan Vrancic

Jack Thomson

Dylan Bathgate

Daniel Isherwood

Archer Butt

Brendan O’Sullivan

Justin Teng

Thomas Stein

Leo Marris

Jack Hodges

Mitchell Holst

Declan McElroy

Mr Dale Argall (Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning)