Measuring Application

We are close now to the mid-year break and Semester One reports are scheduled to be released on the 29th of June. I know that as a parent myself when it comes to school reports the first thing that I want to understand is how well my sons are applying themselves to their studies. The significance of their academic grades can only really be understood, and responded to appropriately, with this context in mind. One part of the application grade generation process that we’ve emphasised as a teaching staff this semester is to start to shift the awarding of application grades away from a teacher-driven, and towards a student-led process. After all, when it comes to effort the student himself will know best if he’s really striving to achieve, showing resilience in the face of adversity, and taking responsibility for his learning. Not only will bringing the students into the process contribute to more accurate application grades, it will also give the student the opportunity to take a greater sense ownership of and control over his learning, and allow for important conversations to take place between teachers and students if there is a disparity between how well the student thinks he is trying and what the teacher is observing.

In Semester 2, student self-assessment prior to Application Grades being completed by teachers will become integrated into our approach. I would encourage families to emphasise a discussion around application when reviewing reports and setting goals for Semester 2. If the student has questions about what it will take to improve his application grade, be sure and bring those questions to the teachers at the start of Term 3. Along with encouraging those important discussions around Semester Reports, I wanted to take this chance to wish students and families a restful holiday. We can all certainly use one and I look forward to seeing students back in Term 3.

Tim Bibbens
Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)

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